Simplify and Minimalize.
A guide to cleaning up, reducing clutter and material possessions, organizing, and freeing up more open space in your home.

A lot of us live in a commerce based society and we tend to accumulate a bit of clutter. I have spent a good amount of time trying to reduce the clutter that has piles up in my life, and I am going to share with you what I did to help reduce the clutter in my life.

This guide can be useful for those who also in the process of moving and future dorm living college students.

Step 1: Materials

Yes you will need to gather a few things for this project.

At least six boxes or bins, or a way to store things
Bucket, and zip lock bags (optional)
<p>Now these tips would really be good for people who are going to have removals done soon too! Moving house is a fantastic time to start decluttering!</p>
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The most coherent description yet on how to simplify (sorry, a word that has lost all meaning) and minimalise (ditto) I have read ever! Like body fat, consuming a little more each year adds up (listen students!) and in a few years you look in the mirror and you are fat! You can't do chin ups or move around your apartment anymore. Bummer! This guy has illuminated one of the darkest secrets of our epoch- over consumption. I wonder if the fact that 30% of Americans are obese is mirrored by 30% excess clutter in our homes? Food for thought.
Love what you're doing! I'm getting ready to move and I've decided to just bag up and donate whatever is in my closets that I can't get into any more. It's just crazy to live like this! <br>thanks for the inspiration!
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<strong>Amazing!!! I loved the ideia of MINIMALIZE. So thats why I found very pratical your suggestion. Thank you very much!!!</strong>
Yeah! Mindless Self Indulgence!
I'm 30 years old, have moved 873 (exaggeration) times, and still haven't learned how to do this effectively, let alone efficiently. thank you so much for your brain power. I am moving in a week and really needed some physical and mental organization. cheers!
Awesome! This is what I've been waiting to learn all my life! You just saved me from starting to hate everything I own. Now I can get rid of the stuff I don't really want and start liking the few things I still own :)

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