A Guide to The best and the safest Freeware out there( Collaboration)

Picture of A Guide to The best and the safest Freeware out there( Collaboration)

Step 1: Lets start with the small stuff....... Paint.Net

Picture of Lets start with the small stuff....... Paint.Net
Now Ms paint is good and all but Paint.net was designed to be a Ms paint competor but looks like photoshop 2. Rating for program------8.7 Here it is Paint.net
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darthbindy3 years ago
not saying Firefox is bad ( i have it on my desktop next to Google chrome) but isn't Google chrome better than Firefox? i use both but prefer chrome.
 I shall list all the freeware software I know that aren't listed up there... 

Gifted Motion-1.19 GIF Animator which runs off Java
PS: The download is at the bottom most part of the page, and it really is 69KB

Steganography 1.0 Build 12 Steganography software also in the KB range
Download mirrors are below the large download button which you shouldn't press unless you wanted to.

Google SketchUp 7 3D modeling software
You have to view the video tutorials in their website to know how to use it though.  Once you do, it's a nearly indispensable tool. Until you get AutoCad that is. Make sure to download Google SketchUp 7 and not Google SketchUp Pro or it won't be freeware anymore.

CadStd Lite 3.7.1 2D design software
A good tool to make almost professional-looking designs. You have to read the online instruction manual to know how to use it though. If you can't find the manual PM me and I'll show you where. Again, still in the KB range, but a bit large for dial-up users. 

 All freeware mentioned in this comment has been used by me, and I guarantee safe downloads if you use the right sources. Brothersoft and CNET are good sites to get your freeware from. They also show shareware which you have to pay for to continue using 'em, so read the item of interest and everything on it carefully before downloading. 
 BTW, I took the liberty of improving your main image. Just save the image I made and transfer it to your instructable.

Guess what, I edited it using MS Paint!!!
used to be bad pic.JPG
sumguysr7 years ago
I personally hate OpenOffice. It's slow, hogs ram, and can't handle large documents(of any type) like ms office or abiword can. I like that it's open source but that's not enough to make it good. I also shouldn't have to run a persistent background process just to get reasonable load times. Sometimes portability has to be sacrificed for usability, this is one of those cases.
OK Open Office doesn't have all the fancy eye candy because the developers care more about functionality. It Still whoops the ****ing Microsoft price of $600 with an amazing $0.....
And 0 cents.
 but if u buy a Microsoft computer, you get it for free....
didn't happen for me.
or me it cost us about £60 for MSoffice and all we got was excel, word, powerpoint and one note. the MS word didn't even work lol :D
 ??? well I got an XP, and I got power point, word and the whole 9 yards, so...
So it's like getting the little plastic ring in a box of cereal? XD

The correct term is actually nine cubic yards, because when you used to buy cement it came in units of nine cubic yards (the capacity of one cement truck), so you had to buy it and get it poured as one entire truck at a time.  Just FYI...

Really, it's cool if you get MSOffice with Windoze, the OpenOffice is just for everyone who didn't get it / doesn't have it.
nine yards...of cement? I thought it had something to do with football...now I feel smart...
Nine cubic yards of cement. And you should feel smart, not many people I encounter know about the phrase they're using...
What about blender?
Epeoples5 years ago
Okay, I know it's more of a game, but Pocket Tanks is sooooo much fun!
And Google Chrome is the best browser yet.
And who could forget Google Earth?
jad515 years ago
 I like Google chrome better than firefox, it is compatible on more websites, IE is just one big crash feast. But all of them are only about 80% compatable or user friendly for that matter. I wish they would make something that just worked!
tinkerC6 years ago
Step 5 and 6 are available for Macs, and I have used both.
robots199 (author)  tinkerC6 years ago
Yes that is in fact true. I have a mac too and use both programs Macs 4 Ever! 
Another person to help me spread the message of Macs!
robots199 (author)  tinkerC6 years ago
Yeah, I love my  Mac Mini so much. I have the 2009 model with a 2.26 GHZ processor and 4 Gigs of ram so yeah I am satisfied. What mac do you have
I don't have the new ones. I have the PowerPC computers only. I have a 1.6 GHz G5 PowerMac, 2004-2005, two SATA HDD bays, and maximum of 4 GBs of RAM. A PowerBook G4, 1GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 60GB HDD, 2003-2004, And a Dual USB iBook 500MHz, 256 MB of RAM, and 10 GB HDD, 2001. All of these I got for free. Yes, free. I also have a PowerBook G3, 64 MB of RAM, and a 4 GB HDD. It is a 1998 model, the WallStreet, 266 MHz. Even the iBook can play movies, games, and write code. For Storage, I have an external 500 GB HDD, that uses one FireWire cable for Power and Data.
robots199 (author)  tinkerC6 years ago
you wont be able to run snow leopard. on the PPC processors. How did you get all of the for free????
I know. I will skip Leopard, and my idea is to take the Snow Leopard applications, and re-code them for PPC OSs. They are through family, friends, and people who don't like their old Macs. I also have a beige 7300.
puppy linux's server seems to be down
which is a big bummer for me
anyone have similar trouble?
robots199 (author)  The_Vinninator6 years ago
No its up again
ericsnapple7 years ago
And what about Blender? The open source application lets you work in 3d by: Modeling, Texturing, and Animating all in one package. And it uses our favorite scripting language, Python! It should definably be added to the list
And Perl. And Java. And Logo.
Blender is god. And thats all I have to say about that.
Agreed, agreed, AGREED!!! BLENDER IS WORTHY! ALL HAIL BLENDER!!! BOW DOWN! BOW DOWN!!! Sorry, I REALLY like Blender. It rocks. (Or it could be all the coke I just drank...)
Er, Coca-Cola. Just clarifying.
Blenders great but its REALLY hard to understand everything
At least it was for me
GOD NO!!! HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING!!! i.e Find a tut. I'm thinking about making one. Seriously, once you learn what all that chaos actually is, you get comfortable really fast.
If you do, Please send it to me or post it
I'm just a little slow...
If you are going to include blender you have to include google sketchup. It isn't anywhere close to as powerful as blender but it's MUCH easier to learn and much more intuitive. Plus it's free and you can always migrate what you made in sketchup in 1 minute into blender where it would have taken you 10 minutes minimum or a few hours if you don't know what your doing.
westfw7 years ago
[Http://www.irfanview.com IrfanView], a great picture viewer/manipulator.
Actually, I prefer GIMP. It's a little harder to master, but totally worth it. But still, IrfanView is good for small jobs.
My impression would have been that gimp was more powerful, but had less emphasis on speed. Perhaps I need to take a look!
i use photoshop, and i didnt pay for it.
Well let me know then when the FBI come :P
Well let me know then when the FBI come

actually even if i did get it illegally they wouldn't come for me.
im english
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