A Guide to the Guitar


Introduction: A Guide to the Guitar

This intsructable, will teach you the basics of the electric guitar

It will teach you the parts of the guitar... -

3 extremmely easy classic riffs to show your friends...

How to understand tablature...

And thats about it

Step 1: The Headstock

The headstock holds the end of the guitar strings with its circle-sort of parts, The tuning keys are used to tune the guitar.

Step 2: The Fretboard or Neck

The neck or fretboard holds the frets of the guitar, which allow you to make different sounds on the guitar... The neck also has fret markers or inlays which are the dots in the picture below, you may have different inlays but i have dots. Also, at the top of the fretboard there is the nut, which keeps the strings from moving out of space.

Step 3: The Body

Hover over the yellow boxes on the picture to see which part is which and what they do.

Step 4: The Amplifier

The Amplifier, what basically amplifys the sound of a guitar or in other ways the amplifier is like a speaker for the guitar... It also has knobs on there to set the sort of sound you want....

(if this was a terrible step, well you can say that because this part was rushed)

Step 5: Understanding Tablature (TAB)

(something I came up with also before you start this step.... the names of the strings are EBGDAE or EADGBE.... so remember this: Elvis (E) And (A) Dylan (D) Got (G) Big (B) Ego's (E).......)

First of all... I will give you something EXTREMELY EASY.. and then I will show you the 3 riffs.


Firts of all, strum the thinnest string (HIGH E STRING) once and then strum the string above the high e (B STRING) and also put your finger on that string, where the fifth fret is and hold it down and strum at the same time, with the 3rd note... you can see it is on the same string but on the six fret, so do what you just did but instead of putting your finger on the 5th fret, just put it on the 6th fret and strum, then obviousley to the 12 fret, then back to the ninth, then sixth on the high e, then 8th on the b string then back to the six on the high 5............... now you know tablature (TAB)

Here are the 3 riffs;

and they are:

Paint it Black



Step 6: THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for reading this instructable... it's my 1st ever :D
So please don't be too hard on me...
-And..... well that's the main 2 stuff but please thank you sooooo much for reading this instructable again!!! I really hope this helped and get lessons if you are interested in the guitar =D



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    9 Discussions

    your guitar is the same as mine.do you happen to know what the brand is and did you buy it in a pack with acc's like amp and tune.is your amp a egm-12.i would like to know so i can find my guitar brand

    1 reply

    Uhhh.... all I can say is that I have an AXL guitar and AXL amp it's sorta like a copy of a Fender Stratocaster (Plasticaster lol) and yeah I did buy it in a pack. I think it was...



    -Tuner (QwikTune)


    ...and that's all I remember from it

    also I almost forgot, in step 2 the metal bars on the neck is called a fret bar, and the flat space is the fret

    1 reply

    Yeah, lol i'm really sorry about the load of my mess-ups... but basically its my 1st instructable so it just is extremely bad.. lol

    \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ to my last post the hammers and pulls go to the end, the format got screwed up in the post

    paint it black goes as follows

    h h p h p

    its ok just takes some time to figure these things out I've been playing for 16 years and I still got a long way to go

    There are already ibles (like mine) which cover this in more detail. Sorry, but you need to explain things more for this to be a unique ible.