Introduction: A Guybrush Threepwood With LEGO

Picture of A Guybrush Threepwood With LEGO

I have made a Guybrush Threepwood with LEGO.
Guybrush is my favourite videogame character of all time, he is the hero of the Monkey Island saga.

I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: The Sprite

Picture of The Sprite

First of all, I found some nice sprite of guybrush on the internet.
I used it as a guide.

Step 2: Draw It in a LEGO CAD

Picture of Draw It in a LEGO CAD

This is the most important step.
I drew my LEGO model using one of the CADs available on Linux, which is the operating system I use.

For the record, I used leocad (

Step 3: Render It Nicely

Picture of Render It Nicely

Now I have imported the LEGO model in blender, and I have rendered it nicely to have a more realistic look at the final result.

I was very happy with it!

Step 4: Buy Pieces and Have Fun!

The final step was to buy needed pieces from  
wait until they arrived (about a week), then.... oh you know the rest... MOUNT it!

Here is a video of me mounting it:


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