Be kind to your back. Get your young plants and edible sprouts at a comfortable working height if you can. I hang my nursery with rebar "S" hooks and wire from two points on an overhead pipe attached to a trellis.

Hanging the nursery has several advantages. For one thing, the pipe and wire system I use is much easier to make than are wooden tables. It is more difficult for rats to get to the seeds and young plants to eat them if everything is off the ground. Also, if you ever need the materials for other projects, or want to get it all tucked away in storage, it disassembles easily.

I happened to have an old automobile windshield lying around. I hung it over the sprout trays from two more points on the same overhead pipe using "S" hooks and wire. The glass protects the sprouts from direct rainfall.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials: 1/4 inch rebar, 3/4 inch EMT galvanized iron pipe, 1/8 inch galvanized iron wire. (You need two strong points to hang it all from overhead. I used a piece of iron water pipe attached to a trellis and rebar S hooks to hang everything from the pipe. You have to figure out for yourself how to provide the two points for hanging your nursery. If you can use a pipe like I did, that allows for position adjustments later by sliding the hooks along the length of the pipe. It also allows for the possibility of hanging other things from the same pipe, such as garden equipment.)

Tools: Pliers for cutting and twisting wire. A hack saw for cutting the rebar and iron pipe.
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I love it. Very elegant solution.
It would keep the tasty young seedlings out of the way of slugs and snails too.

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