I got bored one night and wanted a cup of tea. So being the tinkerer I am I made a hacked together tea maker. Right now this is more of a description than a guide but I will happily answer any question I get in the comments.

Step 1: Ingredients

tea bag and mug (of course) Boiling: Basic coffee maker (one you can afford to lose) Oven thermometer (so you don't burn the house down) Stirring: Plywood Magnets 4 screws computer fan 6v power source (I used 4 AA batteries)
<p>Just make sure you don't accidentally drink the magnet. I almost did <br> when I made my own stirrer (using a regular motor and a single strong <br>magnet, unlike a lot of other people who seem to favor the &quot;computer fan <br> + 2 small magnets + piece of metal&quot; formula) and immediately used it to <br> stir my tea :)</p><p>And if you do, MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DRINK ANOTHER ONE. IT'S DEADLY.</p>

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