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Introduction: A Hammer for Jacob

Jacob is An 82-year old carpenter who lost three fingers on his right hand.

The hammer we've designed will provide more friction and will strengthen his grip-

this way he'll be able to work safely.

Step 1: The Hammer

We started by trying to pinpoint the exact difficulties he experiences

when working with the hammer.

His main problems:

Not enough friction around the handle

He mostly uses his thumb and pinky when holding objects, which creates

an elliptic shape between his fingers instead of a round one.

The hammer has 2 holding areas:

one for a stronger lift and hit; and one for more delicate work.

Step 2: Instructions

Use the stl. files to create the handle on a CNC machine.

attach hammer to handle with metal wedge.



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    Excellent custom solution for Jacob. Always nice to see custom, thoughtful fixes like this. Thanks for sharing!