video A Hard Drive in Action
I found this neat video of a hard drive in action and thought I would share it. It's just kind of interesting.
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Darn, Why did I have to pull apart all those old HDD's (20+) that I got from the computer store...
puffyfluff (author)  thermoelectric6 years ago
Wow, that's pretty lucky.

It is kind of sad to see them go to waste, though...
They were all supposedly broken (i should of tested them before my ripping apart piece of mind came in) and some were 120gb!
But they were broken :-(
fix them.
Too late.......
you could always look for them in the dump...
Yeah, But they wouldn't be big, Although my dad found a 5KVA Generator at the dump, and it just needed to be cleaned up and it works.....
Its loud, Its vibrating, and its a very scary generator......
*sniff* i want my mommy!
MOM!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! she's not home.
*sigh* you'll never learn. DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol, Darn
Mr. Reverse
puffyfluff (author)  JellyWoo6 years ago
.yppahpals eb tsum I .ynnuf taht neve ton s'ti dna ,lfoR

Rofl, and it's not even that funny. I must be slaphappy.
Hehehehehee, LOL, Slaphappy :-P

Reverse that :-P
puffyfluff (author)  thermoelectric6 years ago
LOL, by the way...
Hehe, By the way what?
puffyfluff (author)  thermoelectric6 years ago

...desrever s'tI .S.P

Yeah I noticed.
puffyfluff (author)  thermoelectric6 years ago
.derugif I
puffyfluff (author)  thermoelectric6 years ago
?kniht uoy t'nod ,nuf ylgnisirprus si sihT
.yrots tnereffid elohw a si ti gnitirw tub ,ti gnidaer ta retter gnitteg ma I ,seY
puffyfluff (author)  thermoelectric6 years ago
.lufpleh yrev neeb sah taht ,moc.esrevertxetmoc.esrevertxet delaever hcraes elgooG kciuq a dna ,secruoser ym desu I tub ,melborp emas eht dah I

.kniht d'uoy naht redrah s'tI .oot ,ti gnidaer ta retteb gnitteg m'I ,haeY
kj ,retaehC ,rrrG
puffyfluff (author)  thermoelectric6 years ago
puffyfluff (author)  puffyfluff6 years ago
...eno tsal taht od dluoc I llew ,yakO
puffyfluff (author)  thermoelectric6 years ago
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