A "Jungle Cruise" Playhouse *updated





Introduction: A "Jungle Cruise" Playhouse *updated

I made this playhouse this Spring for my daughters. It took about 4 months of evenings and some very full weekends,but except for some small details it is finally done! It is modeled after the Jungle Cruise building in Disneyland.


Like the Jungle Cruise,the siding is made of chanelled wood (cedar in my case) and bevelled siding. The pickets on the porch are replicas of the Jungle Cruises' upper left balcony that I patterned in my computer,then printed up full size to make a paper template.

The sign was also designed in my computer first,then a pattern was made,cutout,and spray painted.

The two porch post are newel posts for a hand railing, and not really for a porch,but the scale of the playhouse allowed me to use them.

The house is 8' x 6' with a 3' front porch,for a total size of 8' x 9'. The porch roof is angled just slightly for water run off. You do need to duck a bit as an adult stepping onto the porch and going through the door.Once inside it is roomy and high

Any more details,just ask!

I can provide more details if wanted....

Well enjoy the photos,and I welcome any comments or questions.

Playhouse plans: I have just now completed a full set of working plans to build this Playhouse for yourself. For those who don't like to 'wing it" like I did, these plans are for you. 40+ pages with over 60 3D illustrations will guide you thru from start to finish. To purchase via Paypal, click here




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    Madhatter, I'm currently building this playhouse and am about to add the siding. Question for you about the siding did you use 6 inch wide siding? Thanks

    This may be years later, but I purchased the plans, and made my own version this summer:


    Thanks for the inspiration and the plans!

    WOW! So cool to see another one! I'm so proud :) !!!Congrats and thanks very much for sharing this!

    Thanks! Not as well done as yours, but not bad for someone who doesn't build anything. Now to work and put on the finishing touches!

    Can you post a few more details like how much it cost?

    I think the playhouse you built is awesome! You guys did such a great job on it—looks really professional! I've been looking around for plans for different types of playhouses for kids but I haven't come across any for a playhouse like this. Most of the playhouses I've found are scaled-down which would make it difficult for me to join my kids inside the playhouse, but your playhouse looks to be full-size. Very nice! I just love it! Gotta show it to my husband when he gets home!

    Dude this is awesome. Seriously, are you an actual imagineer? If not, you definitely should be. :) keep up the good work!

    Forget the kids, I WANNA PLAY!!! This playhouse looks so amazing I could spend some serious time in there myself. Thanks for documenting all your hard work for us to see!