Make a belt from junk nylon and fence wire.

Step 1: Things to Gather

Nylon strap, fence wire, pliers, diagonal cutter, lighter, vise (optional)

Step 2: Measure Wire

Measure the wire to half the strap-width.

Step 3: Make One Link

- First bend at half the WIDTH of the strap.
- Second bend at a little more than twice the THICKNESS of the strap.
- Third bend at the width of the strap.
- Fourth bend at a little more than twice the thickness of the strap.
- Cut the link free at half the width of the strap.

Adjust the link as needed to form a rectangle. No need to be perfect.

Step 4: Make Two Links

Make two links. Thread the straps through the links with the links' joints on one side. Allow enough strap length to fold over the links' joints and have enough to fuse onto the main strap.

Step 5: Prepare to Fuse (optional)

(optional) Prepare to fuse the main part of the strap around the links to the loose end of the strap. Set the vise opening to allow easy insertion of melted nylon. You can also use pliers for the fusing step, you just have to work faster than I care to.

Step 6: Fuse It

- Gradually melt the end of a chunk of the strap almost to ignition.
- Insert melted end into prepared section.
- Close vise for half a minute.

Step 7: Remove Fusing Chunk

- Cut away the chunk of strap used for fusing.
- Be sure to melt away any raw and frayed nylon ends.

Step 8: Schnap!

Wear it like you never forgot to bring your belt to work in the first place.
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Heh. I'm new to this. Thank you for the advice. I am slowly learning. I could not manage to get the thumbnails in the right order either. I guess I could read the 'How To.' [sips coffee]
No problem. These are just suggestions to improve your Instructable. Take a look at Instructables that get featured for ideas as to how to improve yours. IMO, your Instructable could be good enough to become featured with a better intro, and more detailed descriptions in your steps.
It must be annoying to use a vise that isn't bolted down.
Yes, it is annoying. But you should hear the colleagues bicker about my having a vise in my office/shop the first place, so they insisted it not be bolted down (I can not explain the situation... you will just have to take this leap of faith). Now they have nothing about which to complain... so I think.

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