A Jute Twine Lampshade for Cheap





Introduction: A Jute Twine Lampshade for Cheap

For less than four bucks, I made a spiffy lampshade!

I had gotten a thrift store lamp but it came sans shade. After moving the lamp around the house, it found its location and the husband starting inquiring about its shade, or lack thereof.

Step 1: Get Supplies.

I picked up a shade at the same thrift store for silly cheap. While I hit a few bumps in the road with the shade, I finally got it to work and it was time to get going.

What I used:

leftover thicker jute twine

1 roll finer twine, 190 feet


Step 2: Start Vertically.

I started by weaving the twine vertically around the shade frame. I made sure to not only go vertically but to also throw in a few funky angles.

Step 3: Next, Horizontally.

I wove the thicker twine that I already had through horizontally, again making sure I wiggled in some angles and funky imperfections.

Step 4: Put It on Your Lamp.

So ah ha, there it is on the lamp!

Step 5: Enjoy It Lit at Night.

And man, it throws some great shadows around at night! All for less than four bucks. Be sure to visit my blog Flipping the Flip to read the details and inspiration behind this fun shade.



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    Great looking lamp shade. I love the shadow effects that is makes on the wall.

    Thanks so much! Yeah, that's my favorite part.