In an age of DIY boredom and iPods, I decided to go off and make a new k'nex dock for my mini, but also for my mom's new Nano.
Apparently I "accidentally" broke the previous dock I made ([https://www.instructables.com/id/K'Nex-Ipod-Mini-And-Nano(1st-and-2nd-gen)-Dock/ This one]) to make a dock for my mom's Nano.
However I decided to remake a new iPod dock.
Only because the computer and instructions were downstairs, and the dock's mangled corpse was not worth recreating.
Poor thing.

And so, a new, slick K'nex iPod dock was born.

Note: You can use this dock with basically any iPod.

Step 1: Materials

I'd expect you have a decent amount of K'nex pieces lying around, I mean, I wouldn't want you running down a local toy store and asking them for a package.
That'd be weird.

You Will Need:
- K'nex Pieces (duh)
- A Rubber band
- Some kind of docky thing, a Usb connector or charger cable, I guess.

- An iPod
In all seriousness, You really wouldn't need an iPod to make this, I guess. Maybe if you want to stare at it while humming to yourself, maybe that could work.
nise one mate your the best
ur spray painted speakers are fkin awesome man<br />
yeah, i spaypinted knex once for school project, came out pretty well actually, the only thing is that the moment any peice turns you can see the origional colour...
Sorry I just make <em>K'nex</em> and <em>for all ages</em> fit together with any sense... ;-)<br/>

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