Picture of A K'nex iPod Dock for all Ages!
In an age of DIY boredom and iPods, I decided to go off and make a new k'nex dock for my mini, but also for my mom's new Nano.
Apparently I "accidentally" broke the previous dock I made ([http://www.instructables.com/id/K'Nex-Ipod-Mini-And-Nano(1st-and-2nd-gen)-Dock/ This one]) to make a dock for my mom's Nano.
However I decided to remake a new iPod dock.
Only because the computer and instructions were downstairs, and the dock's mangled corpse was not worth recreating.
Poor thing.

And so, a new, slick K'nex iPod dock was born.

Note: You can use this dock with basically any iPod.

Step 1: Materials

I'd expect you have a decent amount of K'nex pieces lying around, I mean, I wouldn't want you running down a local toy store and asking them for a package.
That'd be weird.

You Will Need:
- K'nex Pieces (duh)
- A Rubber band
- Some kind of docky thing, a Usb connector or charger cable, I guess.

- An iPod
In all seriousness, You really wouldn't need an iPod to make this, I guess. Maybe if you want to stare at it while humming to yourself, maybe that could work.
nise one mate your the best
ur spray painted speakers are fkin awesome man
mkkrushmt6 years ago
yeah, i spaypinted knex once for school project, came out pretty well actually, the only thing is that the moment any peice turns you can see the origional colour...
Da_Fudge7 years ago
buterSBob297 years ago
Kiteman7 years ago
Sorry I just make K'nex and for all ages fit together with any sense... ;-)