Hello again everybody! This is a very powerful very useful k'nex grenade launcher attachment! You can attach it on pretty much any k'nex gun that you know of! I decided to make it for this reason: I was thinking one day, "I hate when I am in a k'nex war and I run out of ammo and there are enemies in front of me." So I thought why not a grenade launcher? So I made it, and it is awesome! Now here are some things to know about this awesome k'nex grenade launcher attachment:

1: It is like a normal grenade launcher, ONE shot.

2: It is a very easy build so you can actually build it from the picture, but I will give instructions later today.

3: You need to be safe with this grenade launcher I am NOT responsible for any injuries that may occur.

4: It can attach to any of your guns.


6: Have fun with it!

Step 1: The Ammunition/ammo

<p>Very interesting. I always have had a love for grenades. XD</p>
<p>Thanks! LOL</p>
<p>Haha LIGHT ET UP!</p>
<p>HAHA LOL!</p>
<p>XDD It makes me think of this song. </p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HHbibiGiel8 " width="500"></iframe></p><p>XD</p>
<p>That is pretty funny!</p>
<p>Lol I love Thousand Foot Krutch, and RED. XD</p>
<p>Have you heard of them?</p>
<p>I have heard of their name before, but I have never listened to their music.</p>
<p>Both RED and Thousand Foot Krutch are amazing. XD Oh btw how was your Christmas?</p>
<p>Dude my Christmas was AMAZING! Thanks for asking. I got a magic kit! Also a bike. I got more I just don't want to name them all. How was your Christmas dude?</p>
<p>I enjoyed it too! XD I got a lot of craft supplies. XDDD</p>
<p>Awesome man! I have fun with it! Also, thanks for telling me about Thediamondminecart I am watching him everyday! I am on episode 25 or 26 on the Diamond Dimensions. Thanks again!</p>
<p>No problem! ;)</p>
<p>Blitzwinger is another cool Youtuber.</p>
<p>I just looked him up his channel looks pretty cool!</p>
<p>His Minecraft videos are the best lol. XD</p>
<p>Yah. Bereghostgames is a great one. I watch him a lot. He does Roblox videos. It is a really fun game!</p>
<p>You should watch him.</p>
<p>Maybe! Oh also here's another good one that deserves support! </p><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/user/XdarzethX" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/user/XdarzethX</a></p><p>We actually used to be buddies till I lost contact with him for a while. I am hoping to be able to contact him again and get back in touch when I get my Youtube channel up.</p>
<p>Awesome! I hope you get back in touch with him.</p>
<p>Me too and thanks!</p>
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<p>XDDD Wanna talk via your home page or via message so that we're not bogging your Ible? XD</p>
<p>Yeah dude that sounds great! Whatever you would like to do.</p>
<p>No problem! ;)</p>
<p>Lol YUSSS!</p>
nice!<br>altho I have some comments<br>that would not be my choice of ammo, I'd rather use a green rod-orange conenctor-green rod- 3D ball piece<br>that was it reprensents the grenade more<br>that is all, looks good!
also, try to avoid triggers that are fatter then the gun in the future, makes it look messy!
That's one cool looking grenade launchers! good job man :):):):)
<p>Thanks man! Want instructions?</p>
Yes please! put instructions on this ible. When I do my collab with lucastheboss, I may attatch this grenade laincher
<p>Awesome!!!!!!!! I will definitly post instructions if you are doing a collaboration with Lucastheboss! I will do It most likely tomorrow if that is ok. I just want to get some stats first. Is that ok?</p>
sure ;) because of the time zone difference, we haven't started yet but hopefully we will soon!
<p>Well, I hope it works out for you guys! But how do you do a collaboration?</p>
Step 1: ask them if they want to do a collaboration<br>Step 2: organise how you will communicate.<br>Step 3: Do stuff and things with knex<br>Step 4: Make ible<br>Step 5: Before publishing, press the arrow on the instructable making page (the one that give u option to make collections) and collab is there (I think) <br>step 5: publish <br>step 6: brag about how you got to work with the famous gun builder lucastheboss<br><br>XD
So I'm famous? Wow, never knew I was a celebrity. Lol
You are to me xD That's why I'm so excited to work with u!!
Lol xD
are you able to start in about...hmm lets say half an hour?
<p>Do you want to do one? Like, after you do one after the awesome Lucastheboss? Just wondering.</p>

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