For Halloween 2009 my then-six-year-old son and I made him a Kyogre (legendary Pokemon) costume using:
--1/2 inch soft foam
--3 or 4 yards blue fleece fabric
--1/2 yard or so of white fleece fabric
--a baseball hat
--corrugated cardboard
--recycled polyfill
--red double-fold bias tape
--black, red, gold and white felt or fleece
--a little red paint
--a coat hanger

For tools we used:
--a paintbrush
--a hot glue gun (I might used spray on glue if I did it again)
That's an amazing costume! If only I had one in a bigger size...
<p>Exactly my thoughs</p>
<p>do you sell some alredy made?</p>
<p>ok he does look a little like a whale on drugs... plus, he 8 that kids head T.T</p>
Man kyogre Is one of my favorite legendarys that's a pretty awesome costume
1) nice job 2) omg he's eating some kid's head D:
Awesome Costume man, wish i could make one xP TT.TT To bad The Original Pokemon Creator Has Died, TT.TT Pokemon was my childhood. He died about 2 days ago. Rest In Peace Takeshi Shudo~~~ ~~~~Sacred Legend Of Pokemon~~~~
...Ken Sugimori and Satoshi Tajiri made Pokemon, and are still alive
This is plain freakin' awesome!
Derp Derp Derp.
What the?!<br><br>Looks like a whale on drugs
I thought more of a sick liver, but I can see it. still I have seen much worse. Good Job!
Kinda...most Pokemon are some kind of creature with some sort of mod...So much more fun than just being a whale...(Not that there's anything wrong with that...)
Is there a pokemon panda?<br><br>Panda's r awesome
Yes, look up Spinda!
I did, its a rabbit.<br><br>How about a penguin?
it looks like a rabbit but its a &quot;spot panda&quot; pokemon :)
My resident expert here says &quot;You probably saw bunneary&quot;. Check again. Expert here says: Piplup, Empoleon and Prinplup.
Nope, i did see it<br><br>Cool penguins :)<br><br>HOW A ABOUT AN AWESOME FISH!!!
lmao :P
Oh yeah i forget to say you are my 1200th commenter :)
LOL!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And one more: LOL!!!!!!
LOL!!!! HAHA! true!!! =D epik, pure epik!
probably 1 of da best comments ive ever seen!
Thanks mate :)
no prob!
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1334911764#!/photo.php?fbid=1664966553867&amp;set=t.1528370229 That was my Ash Ketchum costume for a party I went to last night.
Amazing costume &amp; you'll definitely get my vote for Parent of the Year!&nbsp;<br> <br> I also love these kind of &quot;niche costumes&quot;. &nbsp;I'm guessing most folks you visit on Halloween are gonna think he's supposed to be a shark, or maybe a whale. &nbsp;
I wish I had a costume that awesome when I was that young :(
Thanks. Second best is making it for someone else.
Coolest kid on the block... Nice.

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