A LEGO® Built Micro Scale Set of Longmont Museum, Colorado by Imagine Rigney

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Picture of A LEGO® Built Micro Scale Set of Longmont Museum, Colorado by Imagine Rigney
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An originally designed set for ages 12 and up.
290 Pieces

Original Design ©2013  Imagine Rigney for The Longmont Museum, Longmont Colorado

LEGO®, the minifigure, and the brick configuration are property of The LEGO Group of Companies, which does not sponsor, own, or endorse this creation.

1. I made this micro museum entirely out of LEGO® bricks. There are no modified parts or custom parts. The tools I used were my favorite ones - my hands and my brain. I worked from photos I'd taken of the museum. In the second image on this page there is a small photo of the actual Longmont Museum for comparison.

2.  I designed this build as part of a presentation to the staff at the Longmont Museum near my home for an exhibit they are planning. The exhibit is about the art of LEGO®. I thought they would like to see their own museum built out of LEGO® bricks. I chose  to design it in micro scale, which is smaller than minifigure scale, because I wanted to show how a simple design can also be beautiful. Plus, other people can build it for themselves with the instructions at a reasonable price since they would not have to buy many pieces to complete it.  I had to make many choices during the design process in order to decide on the right part. For example, I removed rare pieces and replaced them with more common pieces that were more affordable. I asked for my Mom's opinion on a few of my design decisions and took them into consideration as I came up with the final build. 

3. I worked on this design at home. It is technically part of my schooling since I am homeschooled. I'm putting together a portfolio of my original LEGO® designs for a senior project. Building with LEGO® is a huge part of my life and eats up most of my time - it's kind of an affliction! The build and instructions took about one week to complete from start to finish.

4. This particular design taught me that it's not so easy to make a micro scale build of a structure. I usually like to work bigger. Finding the right piece to represent a life-sized element in a building was a challenge for the part inventory I house in my brain and my basement!  I am happy that it is an accurate, and recognizable, representation. It was a fun challenge which I hope will please the Longmont Museum staff enough that they decide to use it for their exhibit.
*basically means HOW!?
kamman132 years ago
Wow, what beautiful clear pictures! You explained so much really well with pictures and circles on the pictures. No more text than was needed. Very nice presentation.
Imagine_ (author)  kamman132 years ago
Thanks! Photo instructions with something like this take a lot of time. Then I had to make sure the pieces to add in each picture were obvious. If they weren't, I added arrows or circles.
rgodfrey2 years ago
Imagine_ (author)  rgodfrey2 years ago
Thanks! :)
JonnyBGood2 years ago
I seriously thought this was an easy build just glancing at the title page. Looking at it now this is pretty awesome! I like the attention to detail and how everything is perspectivly correct. Never seen the building in person but looks I have a great idea what it looks like.
Imagine_ (author)  JonnyBGood2 years ago
Thanks! Yeah, micro scale buildings can use a surprising amount of techniques and brick to make them look accurate.
This is great love the use of the 1x2s on the front looks seamless
Imagine_ (author)  BIOhazard_inc2 years ago
wilgubeast2 years ago
Phenomenal photos and instructions. Adding arrows to the images makes this something even a LEGO neophyte could put together. (Also, the Longmont Museum is awesome. From someone who attended Spangler Elementary way way back in the day.)
Imagine_ (author)  wilgubeast2 years ago
Thanks! I appreciate the comments. I'm glad you like the arrows. I wanted to make it easy for anyone to build even though it's a complicated design. And yes, the Longmont Museum is a cool place. :)
Jayefuu2 years ago
Ha! Excellent instructions. We need more lego on Instructables :D
Imagine_ (author)  Jayefuu2 years ago
Thanks! And I agree - more LEGO!