As if this jeweled accessory isn't cute enough, but for more fun it has a secret:  A little trap door in the back to hide a note or a picture of someone special.  And we are recycling with the use of an old squeeze bottle cap.

Use these message lockets to spice up a pair of jeans, a backpack, your lunch box, wear it as a pendant or use it as a key chain.


  Squeeze bottle cap
  Wire  -  24 gauge craft wire
  Hot glue & Hot glue gun
  Duct Tape
  Drill & Small Drill Bit
  Head pins - jewelry findings
  Floral arranging marble or large round bead
  Hook & Eye
I am sharing this with my daughter! So cute!
I love this!! It is such an awesome little locket! I'm going to make some for sure!!
Thanks =)
cool cool cool cool cool cool I think that that is adorible
This is good thinking at it's best.
Very cute, really clever hidden compartment. Nice idea!
Duct tape may not be the &quot;best&quot; choice for closing the inside of that &quot;well&quot; because it would leave a sticky residue, but then if you are putting a small picture in there...<br><br>It's a nice piece of work anyway.

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