Step 3: Transfer the Design

Picture of Transfer the Design
I demonstrate using the graph paper by having a labyrinth design of my own. I tape it to the MDF than put a piece of carbon paper under it.

Use the ruler and pencil to draw in all of the drill holes. Than i usually get a sharp piece of wood and use it to (invisibly) draw a big smiley face.

I ask the kids if they wan to see whats under the page so i lift it and they see the big smiley face. They LOVE it. Easily impressed i tell you.

Than i start drawing all the walls that are vertical... checking once in a while to check progress. Once i get all the vertical lines done i do all the horizontal lines.

once the drawing is done i pull off the paper and remind them to NOT throw away the design. It is worth 10% of their grade. This motivates some kids to keep work...