yo.im going to show you how to make a lego battle rifle from halo.have fun building:)

Step 1: The Pieces


Step 2: Step 1

Step 3: Step 2 (optinal)

Step 4: Step 3 (optinal)

Step 5: Step 4: the Barrel

Step 6: Final

there's your battle rifle:)
This is way too simple! The intro is enough to show how to make it. Why do you need 6 steps?
this is one of my older instrutables. in my new ones you see that i have corrected my mistakes
All of your instructables are the same style, intro with a pic of the whole gun (enough due to its simplicity), followed by steps where one piece is added for every step.
and your point?
You can combine all of your instructables into a single slide show.
that would be really annoying and not everything is the way you want it to be. Plus i dont make them all at once.

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