Picture of A Lego Clock Case
How to rebuild a digital clock into a Lego case.
I did this because the current kitchen clock needs a new battery & as a consequence, is always showing cowboy-time. I needed a new one, that plugs into the wall.

Step 1: Take the old clock apart

Picture of Take the old clock apart
You need a digital clock, a screwdriver, a sharp knife, and to state the obvious, Lego.

Remove all the screws & pull it apart, taking care that none of the internals are damaged as you do this.

See pictures for details on the internals.

Seems I got one of these:
Jezza Bear8 years ago
I got it, cowboy time 9.48am is the same as 3.18am, all you have to do is turn the analoge clock 180 degrees and you have the same time :-p
i dont understand,can u say that clearer
Click the picture of the clock above, at the moment it reads 9.48 turn the clock upside down and it will read 3.18.

Also cowboy time Ten to Ten, if you repeat it over and over again it sounds like a horse galloping :-)
carbon8 years ago
Cowboy time?
lemonie (author)  carbon8 years ago
Sorry it's a really poor joke. Cowboy time is ten to ten, I can't explain it in writing (need singing and having watched the opening titles of The Lone Ranger).
... I HATE cowboy time
lemonie (author)  zoltzerino6 years ago
It's not the best at all... L
Oh haha I thought instead of using a 12/24 hour clock it used a unique time system in which there were only 10 hours displayed on the clock.

After reading urban dictionary, I finally understand.
taquocviet5 years ago
It is a good idear. I will make one for myself.
lemonie (author)  taquocviet5 years ago
Show us what you make?

tinkernaut6 years ago
Very nice!!! Good, clean job!
Calltaker8 years ago
OK, I really really really like this one. I think I may actually have to try it. Funny thing is, i was just thinking recently that I have to replace my current alarm clock as it is not as reliable as it was when I got it about 6 yrs ago. It is a CD player alarm clock, so if I do this, I will have to document it and post it. ~C