this is my first instructable and dont critizise me. hope you like it.and yes i know, the pictures are kinda blurry
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Step 1: Pieces you need

Picture of pieces you need
the pieces you need

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of step 1
sometimes i have nothing to say so just look at the picture.

Step 3: Making the scope

Picture of making the scope
this is the scope, as you can see.

Step 4: Adding the scope

Picture of adding the scope
add the scope to the top of the gun

Step 5: The barrel of the gun

Picture of the barrel of the gun
add the barrel

Step 6: The bipod (optional)

Picture of the bipod (optional)
you dont have to add this

Step 7: (optional part)

Picture of (optional part)
I just added it for no reason.