Sometimes when people walk dogs, couldn’t see dog clearly. Because I had experience that I lost my dog at night. Actually I used dog chain. But sometimes it doesn’t work or it’s broken.

Therefore, I created a pet heart shirt.

Step 1: Product Overall

This is the finished one. I put lily battery and conductive outside of the cloth, which because it looks more Technology. When pet wear it, you dog just is a " Technology dog". That's so cute.

Step 2: Materials

8 Red Led, conductive thread, LilyPad Coin Cell Battery Holder (with Switch), needle, a pet hoodie.

Step 3: Put Led Into the Hoodie

You can see the back of the cloth, just make a small circle of the Led.

Step 4: Circuit Sketch

It is a parallel circuit to make true each on could light up well.

Step 5: Using Conductive Thread and Needle

Conductive thread is a little bit harder to go through the needle than the general thread.

Step 6: Finished

You’ll never lost your lovely dog .^_^.

<p>Neat idea for the Shiba Inu. I have 2 myself. </p>
<p>Wow! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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