Introduction: A Link to the Past[trick]! Anti-yo! Andre Teno!

Hey I'm Andre Teno from Brazil and Id like to show you guys the trick that I have just made up, Today !

So... I really dont know how to explain the trick, like... step by step and all those stuff, put the video is pretty clear and it's not hard to do it !

Its basically a gyroscopic, not flop, but.... a strange gyroscopic...

Well, I know I didnt help you "in how to do" this trick but I did my best =]

Andre Teno
YYN - Teno
ABI - Teno
YouTube - MIXGodzila



GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-01

Cool. It's a really cool trick, and crazy how you made it up, nice job.

What's gyroscopic mean?

And.Teno (author)GorillazMiko2008-03-02

Well... gyroscopic its like a strange spin top o_O , but I was talking about a Gyroscopic Flop, its a yoyo trick =)

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