why didn't you just make the platforms metal in stead
I just have a lot of scrap wood, and thought about the magnets as the project was already started. Metal sheets would be cool but way more challenging to cut+paint+finance.
believe it or not but I have 105 littlest pet shops
I can believe it!
the mcdonald littlest pet shops you can cut of on the bottom and i will be a littlest pet shop just with out a magnet
I am a huge fan of littlest pet shop and this is the greatest thing i have ever seen! i want to make it sooooo bad!
How fun! I love how colourfull it is.
Colors are important to girls...
I'm wondering who had the most fun here, you or the person you made it for?
All! (but at different times)
Nice, looks good! :D

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