Step 8: Testing

Picture of Testing
Once all of the components were added, I decided to stress test the photo booth. I wanted to see how long the device would continually run without any intervention, in conditions that it would likely encounter (sitting outside in the sun with +90 degree temperatures).

Note to you - TEST OFTEN AND EARLY!!

Here is a video of my early test - this is what i learned


Heat is an issue - After watching the computer overheat with about 15 minutes of use, I realized that heat was a big issue. I installed some old PC fans to help get rid of the heat.

Mac computers heat up with the Lid closed - Even with installing the fans, the compute was getting too hot. My original mouting system secured the computer in a vibration proof rig - with the lid closed. It was only after opening the computer so that the processor fans could run unobstructed that the device no longer overheated. This discovery led to 1 more fan (in the base of the camera box) and a mount which held the computer open.

The button was in the wrong place - with the button on the edge of the camera box, pressing it too hard caused the box to rock back and forth. Potentially an issue with inebriated guests, I moved the button to the center of the camera box, so that the force is directly perpendicular to the tripod.
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great tutorial..gonna get wed soon....i'm gonna make 1 like these...posting in few months i hope :)