A Manual Projectile Dropper (Made From a Cereal Box)




Introduction: A Manual Projectile Dropper (Made From a Cereal Box)

Yesterday, I thought of making a box that would drop things by pulling a string. An hour later, I made this, and around 50 aluminum balls and some paper balls as the ammo. I think this will also drop things like K'nex pieces and Nerf darts. I'm post the instructions when I can think of a name for it...

It's a very simple, but effective trap for using in "wars"! :]

Help me by thinking of some names for it! :D



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    hok the string to the door so when they open the door it will fall on thier head

    Sorry, I completely forgot about my Instructables account. I already threw away my cereal box around a month after I posted this slideshow, so I'm sorry. I don't have plans to make this again.

    Please post detailed instructions.

    hahaha nice one. but really, wouldn't it be kind of suspicious to see a cereal box with string taped to it in the middle of a doorway? "Oh, look! A cereal box! Let me go walk underneath it!" jk. funny though. nice idea

    Well, its supposed to be for those places like this one: (The box is too tall so people can see it easily, which means that I'll have to shorten it later >.<)


    A bomber box?