Have you ever played The Impossible Quiz by Splapp-Me-Do? I have, and I wanted to make a quiz like it. Sadly, it is a flash file, and I cannot afford a flash maker. However, I figured out how to make a quiz using Microsoft PowerPoint nearly as good as the flash. If you read this Instructable, you can too! If you don't know how to use PowerPoint, I'm sorry, but it's not very hard. I use 2010 PowerPoint, but 2007 and 2003 are similar. All you need to know are how to use Action Buttons. Clicking on the link below ("The Not-So-Impossible Quiz") will let you download the first version of my own quiz. The Not-So-Impossible Quiz 2 is the newer, better version of the quiz made with PowerPoint 2010 (though it works with other versions). PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FONT TRANSISTOR 2.15 FOR THE BEST QUIZ EXPERIENCE. Enjoy!

Step 1: The Title Slides

1.) First, type something like "start" in the middle of the first slide. You can use WordArt if you want.

2.) Go to Insert and then Shape (or Slide Show in 2003 and 07) and choose Action Buttons, and then Custom.

3.) Draw a shape around the word like I did in the picture. You can color it.

4.) Click the action button, and then go to Action under the Insert tab (or just right click on the shape and click Hyperlink).

5.) Add a hyperlink to the "next slide".

6.) Go to Slide Transitions, and check off both of the boxes so the slide doesn't advance on mouse click or after a certain amount of time. Do this to every slide you make! Don't forget!
You can upload PPT files the same as images - can you add yours? If so you're best saving as an older PP format so more people can open it.<br /> <br /> L<br />
I'm sorry, but according to PowerPoint, my quiz contains elements like shapes and animations that cannot be saved in an earlier version of PowerPoint, and it can't be downloaded on another computer. However, I will upload an earlier version of the quiz I&nbsp;made that is compatible. Like I said in the instructions, a video of me playing my quiz is on Youtube. I'm just a kid, and I&nbsp;don't know much about computers, but if anyone knows a way to put my 2010 quiz online, please share. Thank you!
Oh well you could upload a new version? Thanks for looking. You should be able to upload the file to the Instructable in the same way as the pictures.<br /> <br /> L<br />
I'm sorry, but my PowerPoint is huge (281 slides) and it doesn't fit under the 10 MB limit on Instructables, even after I've compressed the music and animations. If you know how to make it upload, please share with me!
Oh well, the best I could suggest is some kind of zip compression. Whether it's any good for your presentation or not I've attached an old version of Winzip. <br /> (It was free when I downloaded it years ago)<br /> <br /> L<br />
<p>Wow, what do you know? Even though I got the newest WinZip and that didn't work, all I had to do was remove the music from the quiz for it to be small enough! So enjoy my new and improved (but musicless) quiz!</p>
There doesn't seem to be a correct answer to 3, and (bearing in mind this is supposed to be hard) I don't get the 4 holes in a Polo mint?<br /> <br /> L<br />
For 3, you click the &quot;o&quot; in hole. Also, what font are the questions? This may affect where the action buttons are.
Ah, puzzle &amp; quiz - thanks.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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