Have You ever wanted to keep Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and Creepers from spawning in your house outside of the world of minecraft?

     If so you came to the right place!

     This was my attempt at making a minecraft torch that actually lights up! Online they go for about 35 dollars (!!!) so I decided to make one myself, using supplies I found around the house.

The supplies needed:

FPSX Gaming Torch Template (Just print it out on a normal sheet and it will work fine even if the bottom is cut off)

Wood (I used a 2x4 that was cut to match the print out)

Small and thin Battery powered Head lamp (to fit in the front of the torch)

Tape/Glue (to glue the paper template around the wood)

Sprayable Laquer (To seal it all together)

Sand Paper (to smooth wood and sand to fit)

***No Coal Needed!***

The Tools Needed:

Screwdriver (to open the Head Lamp)

Small Handsaw/ Serrated Blade (to cut wood and plastic around head lamp) 

Drill/Chisel (to hollow out the top of the wood)

Step 1: Prepare the Head Lamp Light

     The head lamp I used was a cheap kind that was relatively small and only had one setting for light. I used a head lamp that contained the on and off button directly underneath the light source, which made it easier to work into the wood block later on, because of not needing to cut extra holes or rerouting anything. 
     It was easy to unscrew and disassemble, but the hard part came when getting it to fit. Take a handsaw and cut off the plastic surroundings, but be careful not to cut any wiring or battery casing. Once I got it down to what looked like an adequate size I still needed to shave off some more to make it fit.
Awsm! Could you please upload a picture of the finished torch?
Oh, and what was the diameter of the holesaw?
As for some tips, you could try using some yellow cellophane to make the light look more "natural".
Great Job!

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