Introduction: A Mini LEGO Ball

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In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a mini LEGO ball!

Step 1: Parts and Stuff About the Ball

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Obviously, the ball is made out of LEGO and uses SNOT (Studs Not On Top). It is made of 6 squares with plates stacked on it that give the ball it's unique round shape. Here are the materials for the whole entire ball:

18 2x4 plates (you could use 6 4x4 plates instead of the 12 2x4 plates that I used for the ball)

4 1x4 bricks with 4 studs on the front (please tell me what they're called in the comments)

6 1x1 with 1 stud in the front (not headlight brick)

1 2x2 (used for a support in the ball)

1 1x2 brick (also used for a support)

6 2x2 plates

12 1x2 plates

That's all the parts you need for this ball! You can make it all the same color if you want, I decided not to.

Step 2: How to Assemble the Squares

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Each picture corresponds to a step (I will add notes on the pictures if you get confused on the steps below.

Step 1. Take 2 2x4 plates and put them together

Step 2. Connect the 2 2x4 plates together with a 2x4 in the middle (picture 2)

Step 3. Put 1 1x2 on the right side in the middle of the square next to the 2x4

Step 4. Repeat step 3 on the other side

Step 5. Place a 2x2 on the middle of the top 2x4 next to the 1x2s

Step 6. Repeat steps 1-5 5 more times

Step 3: Assembling the Ball Shape

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There are notes on the pictures so use the pictures as the instructions on how to assemble the ball shape! If any steps are confusing to you, let me know.

Step 4: Now You're Finished!

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Congratulations! If you made the ball, like this Instructable and follow me for more LEGO! Show off your LEGO ball to your friends and let them know you know how to make a really cool LEGO ball! I hope you enjoyed!


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