Introduction: A Minimalist Solution to Make VR Panorama

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This is a minimalist solution to make panorama and VR picture, you just need one GoPro or Xiaoyi action camera to make a perfect panorama spherical picture.

Step 1: Design

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i use tinkerCAD to quickly design this single camera panorama mount.

and I've uploaded it to the thingiverse.

Step 2: 3D Print

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And i 3D print the single camera panorama mount with the following print settings:

Rafts: Yes

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 25%

you can find 3D print files on my thingiverse in the last step.

Step 3: Shooting

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Take a picture in each direction, and get six pictures.

Step 4: Other Device

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You'd better use the wireless remote control and tripod to avoid shaking.

Step 5: Stitching

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Step 6: View

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I use kolor eyes to view panorama picture and video.

you can download kolor eyes from

Step 7: Pano View

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Step 8: VR Mode

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Step 9: Little Planet Mode

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Step 10: Demo

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Jafix (author)2017-03-02

Hey, great Instructable! My printer is allready running. :)

One thing i wonder: How did you find out the angles (horizontal, vertical, and circular) that the Gopro has to be mounted in? Did you practice try and error - or did you have some calculations?

alexodus (author)2016-10-20

how much weight ?

mchau2 (author)2016-03-17

wow, what is the stitch8 ng software? i did sth similar with recycled matierial and google camera!

AlmusYang (author)mchau22016-03-18

software is autopano, check out video on step 5.

mchau2 (author)AlmusYang2016-03-18

i was reading your instructable on the android app, i cant load video... sorry... will do that later! thx for your response!

Antzy Carmasaic (author)2016-03-18

That's a very nice rig for panorama. I was looking for something like this today itself and stumbled on your instructable :)

Thank you buddy.

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