Does Your School have A "Computer Lab" Which Is Used Daily? Well Keep Reading! This Only Takes A Bit Of Time.

Step 1: .

You Need A Small Sticky Note And A Mouse (Or If Your Doing This In A School Computer Lab, You Need ALOT Of Small Sticky Notes And They Already Supply The Mice? For You.

Step 2: Lol Done

Flip The Mouse Over And Put The Sticky Note On!
Simple Yet Effective :P
You can also use scotch tape not the purely clear stuff, but the foggy stuff. It wont make the cursor not move but it will make it seem&nbsp;glitchy.<br /> HAVE FUN!!&nbsp;
Put something on the sticky note like &quot;LOL&quot; for extra credit.
if they have ball mice just use scotch tape and tape the ball down or take it out
Or tape it from the inside, so the ball is still there but it doesn't work and there is no evidence! It would also provide some good laughs is your school's tech support decided to replace the mice.
Where is your school?
Its in the uk Where i live lol
With ball mice, just take the ball.
Thats ooooooooooooooooooooold
i press ctrl alt and arrow key to turn the page in different directions
haha, me and some friends got introuble for doing that.
This is best if you break in and do it to the school's 200 some computers... :P
i do this as well as the full screen screen capture image. they think they figure it out when the fix the mouse, but then they cant click anything
nice going that really good
ahh yes simplicity but useless if the school is el cheapo and uses those old rollerball mice
Very True :P My School Has 2 Labs Literilly RIGHT Next To My Classroom And They Have The LED Mice? :D
steal all of the balls! (or hide them somewhere)
lol *viva viagra ad in backround*
That gave me an idea for a great school prank........
in the cafeteria.............
xd has da penguin bin taking crack lolz
not much.....
Yeah Tht Works Too I Guess :D
try it!
it works with the balls too i do this all the time in our lab
really because i would think that as long the ball is moving then the mouse is functional but stopping the motion of the ball will stop the mouse from operating ball w/ friction--->mouse works ball w/out friction-->mouse dose not work
The paper would cover the ball, so the paper would receive the friction. The ball would not roll and thus mouse does not work.
but the ball moves on the paper masking tape on the other hand would stop it but this is kinda stupid this arguement of sorts i mean
ya it is ( a stupid argument), but the ball is going to move with the paper and the mouse, so it isnt going to roll. It will still move but it wont roll.
because the paper covers the ball the paper will glide over the table and the mouse ball will not move because the paper is not moving relative to the ball. Its honestly sad how people think sometimes...
try supergluing some plastic strips over the laser reader thingy or in balled mice superglue the balls into position XD
That would cost tax dollars for the schools to replace the mice, because they're too stupid to remove the insides and use paint thinner on 'em. Our tech support wouldn't suggest that, because they want money. But they gave me this computer... Oh. It's 10 years old. About time they retired it.
oh well... you can't really blame them for wanting money... lol
Waste of other peoples time...? Uhm, one word. No. You should be helping your class mates, not wasting their time.
Around here we love wasting time. That way we don't have to work as much. I wrote a movie during a lecture on paying attention once. If you think I'm joking, you're wrong. This got a chuckle from my friends.
well your no fun at all!
instead, just put some masking tape over the laser. It stays on longer
just take the balls out of the mice
This is used for laser mice not ball mice
Ya, my school computer lab upgraded to vista and got the laser mice. Except for the tech teacher. He kept the old computers. But got the laser mice. This will totally work.... :P
Lasermice and mice with balls. Great.
lol he said balls!! XD
My school doesn't have any more of the mice with the balls.
you wouldn't beleive how much I'm laughing at that.
Ouch... =]<br/>

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