A Minute Remedy for Digestion or Mild Stomach Ache





Introduction: A Minute Remedy for Digestion or Mild Stomach Ache

Ever had a digestion problem or a stomach ache and you were totally helpless and had to use medicines ...... Now you won't regret with this simple Ayurvedic medicine prepared in a minute ...

All what you need is :-
1) Rock salt
2) carom ( ajwain)
3) a mixer grinder

So let's get started

Step 1: The Preparation !!

1) take 1/2 cup of carom ( ajwain)
2) add 1 tbsp of Rock salt ( basically according to your taste )
3) grind till powdered

Step 2: Mission Accomplished

That's it ... It's done
Hope you liked this one minute remedy for digestion
Pls do vote and prepare it at your home
Thank you



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    Carom is known as an anti-flatulent. So I guess if your stomach upset is due to gas, it might help.

    Yes, that is right ringai

    Are you sure rock salt is consumable because last time I checked you put that on your driveway

    Edible rock salt is consumable GRINCH1056

    Sorry I missed out on consumption ... Take a pinch directly .... If u feel the taste strong, you can drink some water