After collecting the raw data (REC/PAR) from a routine MRI scan (just mention ‘science project’ and grin a nerdy grin - no self respecting lab-tech can say no!) I converted the slices to a more friendly format (HDR/IMG) and created this 3D volume by ordering the images into a stack. Converting all to binary allowed mesh identification and separation of the different parts of the brain. Exporting as a Wavefront or STL enables the model to be opened in CAD.

Now if only I had a 3D printer…….☺

I think theres something cool about an image which was generated by taking brain 'slices' being printed out in slices - haha albeit in plastic and not brains (although it would make studying easier!).
That sound cool! Have you considered using something live <a href="http://shapeways.com" rel="nofollow">shapeways</a> to print it?<br> How difficult was the conversion from the raw data to the 3D model would you say?<br> Also is there any possiblity of a download of the final 3D model?

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