Picture of An Advanced Guide to Airsoft (For Intermediate Airsofters)
Hello! In this Instructable I am going to try to share some experiences and tactics I have found while airsofting and expand on the many beginner guides available on this site . For a beginner's guide, I recommend A Simple Guide to Airsoft  by user That Weasel or Airsoft: A rookie's guide based on personal experience  by dizzytired. Enjoy! Oh, and thanks to AirsoftUK for the image below.

Step 1: Disclaimer (Safety)

Picture of Disclaimer (Safety)
Ok, here's the inclined disclaimer when writing about airsoft on the interwebs. NO, airsoft is NOT dangerous if you play it properly. A few rules of thumb:

1. Keep your guns under or around 400 FPS (Exceptions: Snipers)

2. Have the judgement not to shoot people point blank or within close range (Ask them to surrender or do courtesy kills.)

3. ALWAYS wear goggles or a paintball facemask. (ANSI certified) 

4. Don't take off your mask until the end of the game.

5. Keep the orange tip on.

And, the big one, 


One of my friends has experience on the last rule. He was airsofting in a frog pond, when a paranoid old lady called the cops on him. He was about 9, using cheap clear springers, and practically the whole police force came. Imagine what would happen if you and a half-dozen friends came over dressed in tactical gear and wielding assault rifles?
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DeanT23 months ago

Great guide!

shadowop5556 months ago

i just played airsoft out in the country with 9v9 it was awesome!!

nfk112 years ago
i bet you got #6 from AC3
weesuzi3 years ago
SO4Jesus3 years ago
We play on BLM land, but we infrom the police department before doing so.
Sir HC (author)  SO4Jesus3 years ago
That's perfectly responsible.
SO4Jesus Sir HC3 years ago
Thank you. M' dad was paintballin when he was a teen and the cops showeded up. Didnt get in no trouble, but why risk it?
weaponkid3 years ago
center right LOL
7. ??? - 4 people (on a 5v5 game) have little ammo with big guns and 1 player has alot of ammo and a pistol and if any of the four players have no ammo the pistol player comes and gives them more ammo.
thanks for adding my idea
book543213 years ago
is it posibul to just use pistels
Is it a good or bad ideas to train on your airsoft field by planning a stradegy and then shooting at dummies/targets behind bunkers?
Sir HC (author)  Caml^Vacation3 years ago
Yes, target shooting is a great way to practice aim and strategy is always important!
Actually if u buy Locally it can be better online because places like evike and airsoft gi have actual stores in Cali where u can buy guns from
great instructable
fishcake274 years ago
actually my friends are trying to get one to mount on the back of an ATV
someone plz tell me where to buy this gun and what the name of gun is
its a minigun it costs around 3000 dollars airsoft and you should be scared as heck because of it i saw a guy who made a home made one and he shredded a pepsi can and started drawing smily faces on the wall with the bbs ps i am making one of these its going ok i also made a claymore
can you please tell me ow your minigun works im just wondering how so many people have built them so easily
well u can always use pvc pipes my disign actually was kinda a faluire but if u have pvc pipes and an air compressor you can hook it up to a bb resiviour and then get an electric rc car/plane motor and hook it up to make the pipes spin theres a guy who made a few homemade ones out of aluminum dont know what the site is but hew has building tutorials.
dude u should post it when made
oh yeah and i know what a minigun is i was wanting to know what brand it is
it's called a gatling minigun
does any one live in or near albion,il
fishcake274 years ago
actually, the tri shot shotgun at dicks spoting goods is pretty good
i agree
Sgt Niesen4 years ago
You can only take out a sniper with aa hand gun and you must take all your gear except clothes and glasses off and move slower than sniper moves and can not make a noise then when you are very close (stay out of periffical vision) shoot and pray that he does not have a spotter or your dead or just throw an airsoft grenade at them
mcallahan14 years ago
are you saying girls dont play airsoft! I think you will stand corrected!
Sir HC (author)  mcallahan14 years ago
Hey, don't take it personally, it was just a joke. Unfortunately, I have never been blessed with the presence of a girl while airsofting, but I am not saying girls don't airsoft. You are probably cooler than about 90% of all girls I've ever met if you airsoft.
Ive played against girls in tornaments
Very nice instructable, however I was wondering if I could add some of the game types listed above to my instructable on airsoft game types. If you agree you will be given full credit for all your game types I include.
Sir HC (author)  Slayerfan6664 years ago
That sounds fine, go ahead.
Ok, Thank you.
Sgt Niesen4 years ago
Rules broken

1, 2, 5, 6
and never got busted
Ok mabye not # 6 more than twice
Sir HC (author)  Sgt Niesen4 years ago
To each his own, but IMO playing with airsoft guns in public is an easy way to get shot.
Sir HC (author)  Sir HC4 years ago
With real guns. Not airsoft guns. Real guns.
Hitman2274 years ago
Good instructable. If some one takes one of those out start running!
Sir HC (author) 4 years ago
This is irrelevant, but if anyone is interested in watching some action movies made with the help of airsoft guns, you could check out my youtube channel at


I appreciate any viewership.

Once again, thank you for reading and constructive criticism, and let me know if you want another instructable!
Sir HC (author)  commanderzhao4 years ago
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