Introduction: A More Efficient Closet Using Belts

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 When I wake up, after have breakfast and brush my teeth I start to run beacuse I realise, as every day, that I haven't time enough to take the bus. That's the moment when I go to my wardrobe and I get mad. It's a completly mess, tons of clothes and colors blind me and I can't chose a combination easily.

 Some days ago I see in the frontpage on Instructables the Belt Reuse Contest and my mind started to work. After two days of freak out, I remembered my morning trouble. That's my motto, and this is what I did.

Save a lot of space with this inexpensive solution in two different ways.

Step 1: The Stuff

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For this project you will need:

 - Belt (x2 if yours are shorten than the closet rail)
 - Wardrobe rail
 - "S" Hook (x3)
 - Eyelets (only if you are using a non-leather belt)

 - Power drill
 - Hole punch pliers
 - Marker
 - Pencil
 - Scissors
 - Tape measure or ruler

Step 2: Mark the Line Where the Holes Will Be

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   First, measure the belt and mark a line along the middle of the belt.

If you want and extra size, unpick the belt head cutting the thread with the scissors.

Step 3: Make the Holes

Picture of Make the Holes

   Follow the line and make all the holes you want. As I did, you can let a hole of separation but you can separate them at the distance you want.

  Afterwards, make a circular sequence of cuts around the imaginary point between two holes. Repeat the porcess in all the belt.

If you are an owner of a profesional hole leather machine, simply skip this step and make the holes with the biggest size you have.

Step 4: Make the Slots

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   Mark the slots in the rail using the belt sizes and drill a hole there. One in the middle, two in the extremes of the rail and other two between the center and extremes depending of the belt size.

You can sand them with a file.

Step 5: Insert the Rail in the Closet

 Place the rail where you took it.

Step 6: Attach the Hooks

Picture of Attach the Hooks

   Attach one hook to the beginning, other to the middle and the last one to the end of the belt.

   If you are using two belts then attach one hook to the end and other one to the beginning of the first belt. Attach one hook of the fisrt belt in the beginning of the other belt. Insert the third hook in the end of the second belt.

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Closet!

Picture of Enjoy Your New Closet!

There are two forms of use it:

- As a vertical rack
- In a average rail

Choose what fit better to you and get organized. Vertical rack can save a lot of space but you need a tall closet and if the clothes touch the floor of the wardrobe they would wrinkle. The other option save less space (a lot anyway) but it needn't so many vertical space.


cdalton4 (author)2013-05-02

I love this, I will make it, thank you.

LizQuincy (author)2011-02-15

i thought it was adorable. change it back!

LizQuincy (author)2011-02-14

"clean my tooth"

plugable (author)LizQuincy2011-02-14

Oh I didn't notice that. Im not english native so I make many mistakes all the time. Thanks for the correction. Im changing it.

Ase0esA (author)2010-12-06

very creative! You've got my vote!

plugable (author)Ase0esA2010-12-06


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