Yet another bottle opener. I guess nobody was realling missin one, still I saw this picture whyle doing some researches for other projects and I was fassinated and tought... "Why not??".

So this is a simple project to make a knockoff of the AREAWARE (http://www.areaware.com) Nail bottle opener.
Looks like knockoffs of other stuff is getting to be my speciality. If you like the design and have the 22 bucks they charge for it I recomend you that you buy it from AREAWARE and support theyr work. Myself, still respecting the research and work for the design, I prefer to make my own: more fun, less money.

As you can see from the pictures there is nothing difficoult or strange, but it's a great and neat idea. Also it not far from some other designs I've seen here in instructables, just "nicer". It makes a nice and cheap gift project:  once you give it don't tell what it is right away, it's more fun ;-)


- a block of hard wood, mine was about 10cm, 2cm wide, 3cm high, but once you get the idea you can pick your size. of course the longer it is the more leverage you have and the easier it is to use (think of this in case you are making it for aged people)
- a long and sturdy nail, mine was about 10cm and I consider it to be somehow the minimal length. I needed 3 nail since I broke the other two while bending it...

- carving tools (knife, saw, dremel, whatever will allow you to shape the wood)
- sandpaper (coarse and fine grained)
- drill (better have a pressdrill if you can)
- hammer
- vise
- metal pipe (not to big)
- caliber

- linseed oil and beewax (recomended for a nice finish)
"This gap is too big, I messed something in aclculating the bendind point of the nail, but is still works great ;-)" In other words, "This ain't rocket science, Porky!"
Right : next time the steps will be: <br>1) BEND <br>2) measure <br>3) drill
Now this is clever! Love he design! Thanks for sharing. <br>Sunshiine
very cool, i love making bottle openers. (and good beer) If you want a good challenge, take a look at the first 'ible i posted, tell me what you think. <br> <br>great idea on this one, simple and clean.
Seen it and liked it a whyle ago !! <br>Looks like we got things in common: I make knives to ;-) <br>Stay tuned for my next 'ible then, I think you'r gonna like it
cool, well im looking forward to it! im putting the knife building on hold until i can build a proper forge and kiln. and get a belt grinder. i have a lot of steel for knives ( bought 20+ old files on ebay for about 25$). but i need better tools so i can make better knives.

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