A New Use for Recycling Wool Sweaters




Introduction: A New Use for Recycling Wool Sweaters

I had a wild idea to take thrift store sweaters, felt them, cut them into strips and weave a rug for my bathroom. The weaving went fast but when I sewed the 3 strips of woven fabric together, it just didn't look right. I let this thing languish for months on the bed in the guest room. I knew if I ever put it away, I'd never make it work. I tried all sorts of things— crocheted edging, whipped stitched edging, more fringe — nothing worked. 
I thought of maybe turning it into a bag. I thought about cutting it up and sewing it, but the darn thing would be to much for my sewing machine because it was so thick and heavy.

Then I thought I might make it into a pillow. So I bought a 20" pillow form. Now mind you, this thing did not fold into a square but once I forced it around the pillow form, I saw it was going to work.

I tied the original fringe from both ends together. Then I took some left over felted sweater strips and tied overhand knots along each side to close it up on the sides.

And Voila! I think I like it.  



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