Picture of A New Way to Make an Aluminium Alloy Robot
With modularized mechanical structures, electronic modules, and Arduino programming, I made this aulminium alloy robot with Makeblock. (Now they are on Kickstarter, and many super-value kits are available.
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
Tools needed: Screw drivers and a plier.

Step 2: Prepare motors

Picture of Prepare motors
The tank is two motor drived. So I first need to make two motors possible to be installed onto the beam structure.
First solder the wires and the connectors to the motor.
Then add the motor bracket.

Step 3: Prepare wheels

Picture of Prepare wheels
Two 90T wheels with shaft connector needs to be installed onto the motors.
Two 90T wheels and  twelve 66T wheels with flange bearing are needed.

Step 4: Prepare all the neccessary parts

Picture of Prepare all the neccessary parts
Beams with different length

Step 5: Make the frame structre

Picture of Make the frame structre
Connect two beams with a plate to make a long beam.

Step 6: Install two motors

Picture of Install two motors

Step 7: Install the wheels

Picture of Install the wheels
90T wheels were installed on the end, while the 66T wheels installed in the middle.

Step 8: Fasten screws

Picture of Fasten screws
Make sure all the wheels fastened.

Step 9: Add the track

Picture of Add the track
The track is chainable, so that I can change the length per needed.

Step 10: The tank subbase is ready

Picture of The tank subbase is ready
The basic tank is ready. if you add the drivring circuits and a Microcontroller, it is controllable.

Step 11: Prepare the robot arm and hand

Picture of Prepare the robot arm and hand
I also prepared the robot arm and hand for the tank.

Step 12: Install the arm

Picture of Install the arm
The arm was driven by a geared DC motor with timing belt. The servo can be used to control the robot hand.

Step 13: Prepare the electronic moddules

Picture of Prepare the electronic moddules
I also prepared the Arduino compatible electronic modules. They can drive 3 DC motors, two servos, and be controllable remotely by infrared controller.

Step 14: Install the hand and the electronics

Picture of Install the hand and the electronics

Step 15: Done

Picture of Done
I haven't finished the progrmming and test. Once finished, more videos will be posted here. Just keep an eye on it.
Have fun!

NyghtStar8 months ago

Wondering where you got your parts from?

minishaw642 years ago
Is there a way to make that into a 3 sided track rather than having it 4 sided?
martzsam2 years ago
WOW. I can see this kind of thing becoming VERY popular in the future.
Leolite2 years ago
Makeblock! very nice!
shad0w882 years ago
what are those blue plastic storage things at the back called? arent there mounting materials available for them?
kz12 years ago
Do you have a source I could purchase the tracks from. If they're chainable one shold be able to purchase in varying lengths, correct.
schang10 (author)  kz12 years ago
Makeblock is not selling the tracks seperately for now. Maybe later. Just keep an eye on their website.
It would be great if you sold individual parts. There are so many things these could be used for but buying as a kit is not practical.
schang10 (author)  Lectric Wizard2 years ago
Hi Lectric,
Thanks for your comment.
Maybe later we will provide some individual parts for the advanced makers. But at present, we think a complete kit is better for the beginners.
ned982 years ago
where did you got the aluminium parts?
schang10 (author)  ned982 years ago
You may get them here.
So this is a kit you are selling on kickstarter?
schang10 (author)  ProfMuggs2 years ago
Not exactly, but you can make a similar one with Ultimate Kit.