A Nutcracker From Your Toolbox





Introduction: A Nutcracker From Your Toolbox

My 71 year old wife likes nuts, especially walnuts.

Step 1: Oh Nuts!

She is not very strong but is obviously strong enough to wreck this elegantly designed nutcracker.

Step 2: How to Crack the Problem

We went nuts in the local shops trying to find a decent cracker, so I took a look in my toolbox instead and found these water pump pliers. They are designed to hold nuts and not crack them but hey, my wife is hungry.

Step 3: Better Than the "real Thing"

You know what? You can adjust the jaw opening to change from hazelnuts to walnuts and the handles are twice as long, making it easier to crack the hardest nut, even if you are a slim 71 year old sitting at breakfast.

Just polish off the gunk from the toolbox and then when laying the table, put a knife to the right, a fork to the left and the water pump pliers next to the nut dish!

How nutty is that!



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    I have always found that tools like channel locks work much better than regular nut crackers.