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Introduction: A-POD Preview 1

A-POD©, {Amphibious - Personal Odyssey Device}., adept maneuverability over land and water; constructed of common household items, i.e.: leaf blower(s), plywood, pvc, cordless grinder or drill., capable of levitating hundreds of pounds in any direction. aka: aero-pod

The A-POD incorporates an amazingly simple and economical concept. It,s very likely that you already have many of the parts necessary to make your own A-POD. Any materials you don,t already have at your house can easily be found at your local retail / hardware store. No custom machining or welding necessary to build your A-POD.



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      It's a blast! Wait until you see it on water...

      post a video of it, I'd love to see the transition from land to water! A question: Near the end of your video it shows a guy happily hovering along, however it looks more like sliding with the suggestion of steering and control, how difficult is it to steer and stop?

      The craft actually hovers on a thin layer of air referred to as an 'air-film bearing'. Complete video is under reconstruction. Due to the A-POD’s surprising ability to exceed predicted hover speeds, it was necessary to enhance maneuverability of the drive system…safety first. Superior breaking, reverse, turning, and propulsion have been incorporated in the new design. Revised video will be uploaded shortly. Thank you for your patience.

      how does it brake? I might build somthin similar to this and I need a braking system.

      the motor the fan and i would die. the fan would might fly off and the motor would probably be killed if the motor reversed so quickly if its with a fan, of course. but maybe you could use a v-pitch prop. huh. that got me thinking

      I'm wondering what the drill or grinder is for.


      Are you saying the A-POD can travel over water? Or is this just an ad for you commercial web site?