Picture of A Pair of Childs Shorts from a T-shirt
Cheri at, is a very creative young mother with 2 boys and a little girl on the way.  Recently she did a tutorial on how to make shorts for her boys out of a t-shirt.  Brilliant I thought.  I can do that.  I went through my shirt drawer and pulled out a few shirts that were beginning to show wear.  Then I borrowed my 4 year old grandson’s pajamas to create the pattern.  This is how I did it.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Paper (I taped two 8.5 inch x 11inch pieces together)
Safety pin (not shown)
Pants or shorts (an elastic waist band is best to make the pattern from)
Sewing machine
Matching thread
1 inch wide non-roll elastic (20 inches for this boy’s waist)

Step 2:

Picture of
Fold the pair of pants (or shorts) in half, length wise.   Lay it on the paper.  Use the marker to trace outside of the edges of the pants.  Trace it at least ½ inch way from the edge.  Allow enough room at the waist for the elastic to gather the waist in.  Usually there is a difference in the front and back crotch length, but with this pair of shorts, it doesn’t seem to matter.

Step 3:

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Cut the pattern out.

Step 4:

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Fold the t-shirt to make the bottom hem as even as possible.  Fold in half, so that you will be able to cut the two pieces you need, with only one cut. 

Step 5:

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Lay the pattern on the t-shirt.  Have the outer edge of the shorts legs on the fold and the bottom (hem area) along the hem of the t-shirt.  That way the shorts will already have a hem. Yes, one less step. 

Step 6:

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Cut out the shorts.

Step 7:

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Unfold the two pieces and place them right sides together.  The first 2 seams to be sewn are the front and back crotch seams.  All seams were ½ inch wide.

Step 8:

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Next refold the shorts so that the legs are on the left and right of the crotch seams.