A Pallet Home, Sweet Home





Introduction: A Pallet Home, Sweet Home

You havent money to decorate your home. Dont be in panic, use wood pallets. Take a moment to se how i decorate my own home. Sort for my english, im from spain.

Step 1:

First to créate a couch, you need 6 pallets. You can movit if you want and configurate the couch, like you want. All the pallets aré barniced

Step 2:

To the small center table use a diferent pallet. You can use diferent pallets for diferent uses.

Step 3:

Use two pallets and concrete stone to do make this forniture.

Step 4:

Two hall pallets for tv

Step 5:

An ikea pallet for this one

Step 6:

8 pallets for the bed and two moré for head.

Step 7:

Useing the rest to créate new fornitures.

Step 8:

Finaly if you havent many remember i only spend 300$



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    Simplemente espectacular, nosotros en Vonvang estamos trabajando para desarrollar una propuesta muy similar utilizando pallets, muy pronto compartiré imágenes con ustedes para nos den su opinion. Saludos!!

    wow!!!! thats really brilliant ideas


    please put some more details!

    I would have never thought to leave a pallet intact and simply stain. What a simple concept. Thanks for the instructable and the ideas for projects.

    brilliant. Simple and inspiring. Where do you get your pallets?

    Thanks, in spain in the industrial área there aré a lot of factories you can buy it for 5$ each. But i have a friend who has a papper factory, he just give me, for free.

    Looks amazing!!!