Recently I found a paint catalog placard used on the shops to "show" the different colors. Now, this placards are made of cardboard, but this is an old one made of a metal plate and different metal pieces painted on the different colors of the catalog.
It' was little bit rusted, and I thing "Oh, cleaned, and un-rusted, it can be a great painting!" (or something like that. Lol!)

Follow the picts if you want to see how I transform this rusted catalog in an amazing painting.

To do that, I only use water, vinegar, duct tape and black spray paint... And, of course, an old painting catalog.
przem2 years ago
Great work! Nice piece of decoration and good example of reuse.

About 2 years ago I refurbished a shop in BCN and used one of this paints (the green one, first column second row from the bottom I think)...

Now when when I see "TITANLUX" good memories come to my mind :-)

¡Saludos cordiales!
mikolynn (author)  przem2 years ago
And FYI, the color's name is "May Green" ;)