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Introduction: A Pantone Painting

About: I begun in that artistic/craftsman world by the hand of my mother who is potter and art teacher. Also in my father's hobby wood-workshop I learn to lathe and use all kind of tools. I coursed some studies ...

Recently I found a paint catalog placard used on the shops to "show" the different colors. Now, this placards are made of cardboard, but this is an old one made of a metal plate and different metal pieces painted on the different colors of the catalog.
It' was little bit rusted, and I thing "Oh, cleaned, and un-rusted, it can be a great painting!" (or something like that. Lol!)

Follow the picts if you want to see how I transform this rusted catalog in an amazing painting.

To do that, I only use water, vinegar, duct tape and black spray paint... And, of course, an old painting catalog.



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    Great work! Nice piece of decoration and good example of reuse.

    About 2 years ago I refurbished a shop in BCN and used one of this paints (the green one, first column second row from the bottom I think)...

    Now when when I see "TITANLUX" good memories come to my mind :-)

    ¬°Saludos cordiales!

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    And FYI, the color's name is "May Green" ;)