Picture of A Paper Gyroscope that works!
Here is a paper gyroscope that I made to being able to be printed off a computer. The prototype is now torn apart (used to make the template) but it was build again. So here is most of the instructable!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Here are the supplies
  • Hands
  • Paper template (Or really thick paper, but most printers can't hand that)
  • Thick paper (Thicker than your usual construction paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (tacky glue works best)
  • Paperclip (Not with the plastic stuff on it)
  • Pliers
  • Thumb Tack

Step 2: Template

Picture of Template
Gyroscope, fireworks.png
Please note, this wont work(I think?)on normal paper. This is only meant to be a template for thicker paper.
Anyways, print this out and cut it out on the outside lines only.

Step 3: Glueing stage

Now put the template that you cut out and glue it on to the thicker paper. I used paper that was used to hold x-rays. You most likely wont get or find this kind of paper in a store but you could glue together 3 sheets of 160g/m² paper(I think that is what i have) together.

Step 4: Outer shell

Picture of Outer shell
Gyroscope, fireworks.png
This will hold the gyroscope inside of it.

Step 5: Paperclip axis

Picture of Paperclip axis
Gyroscope, fireworks.png
This would be very hard to do with a piece of paper. so i did it with a paperclip. In the template there is a line that you will have to measure to the paperclip. Cut the paperclip so it is the same length as the line.

Step 6: The gyroscope innards

Picture of The gyroscope innards
Gyroscope, fireworks.png
Cut them out, and refer to the pictures

Step 7: Add the string windup thing

Picture of add the string windup thing
To make it speed up instead of using your fingers(Or hooks) I added a windup thing so i could make it as close to a real gyroscope as possible.

Step 8: Spin to activate!

Picture of Spin to activate!
You are now done if you did all the steps(I hope you did!) just put some floss or a thin piece of string into the windup hole. While holding the outer shell, slowly pull the string until it gain momentum and goes faster. Set it down on a table and see if stay up and not fall down
that is one intense pair of scissors
tilmen4 years ago
This is really cool
dombeef (author)  tilmen4 years ago
tilmen4 years ago
It doesn't need a video.Just think how a gyroscope works.
aashilrv4 years ago
looks cool but it needs a video
dombeef (author)  aashilrv4 years ago
I wish i did it before, my dog was acting stupid and she sat on it, it must have fallen off my desk, it is really wobbly.
When i make a new one, the old one is broken and it wont work anymore, I will try to make a video
hintss4 years ago
hey, you're that guy from thingiverse! I still have the pile of parts on my desk...
dombeef (author)  hintss4 years ago
Oh cool!
hintss4 years ago
Just saying, I don't think that just saying refer to the pictures for most of the steps is that useful.

The Thingiverse comments you wrote were more useful.
Sunny1246134 years ago
dombeef (author)  Sunny1246134 years ago
Kiteman4 years ago

This really needs a video!