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In many of these instructables, you need a paper cutter. That is why I thought it would be good to post how to make the paper cutter so you can make the other things on this website. You don't need many things at all. All you need is some pliers/a hammer and a paper clip.

Step 1: The First Step

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Pull out the side part of the paper clip as shown in the picture. The thicker part will be the handle and the part pulled out will have the blade at the end.

Step 2:

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Pressure the pliers on the end of the part pulled out the thinner , the better butt if it ends up too thin, it wont  work.  You can also use a hammer and beat at the end, but it is best with the pliers. After this step, your cutter is done. Do not use this for cutting thick stuff like mount board.


Jake_Rider (author)2010-06-30

Cool...nice instructable....

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