A "Peter Pan" Nursery





Introduction: A "Peter Pan" Nursery

This was my project for my first daughter, 3 years ago.Its a Victorian style nursery of Wendy darling,from Peter Pan. Besides some fancy trim and painting stripes on the walls, the main attraction is the 'window' that looks out over the streets of London at night. The mural is the same that appears at Peter Pans Flight in Disneyland.

I took a photo of the mural into a graphics program,redrew it as basic shapes,then printed it out on a transparency for overhead projectors,which I borrowed from my teacher sister..Projecting it on the wall,I traced out the shapes with pencil. I masked of around it,and began painting.I used arcylic paints from the local craft . brushed almost all,except for some light airbrushing of the sky,with a very cheap airbrush.

Pans shadow was done the same way,drawn in the computer,printedit full size onto several sheets of photo paper, then cut out the shape with a razor to make a stencil. To paint it, I used some glazing compund and adrop of black and pink paint (Shadows have a purple hint to them) I used a paint roller with very little paint on it,and rooled over it.Worked perfect!




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Fantastic!! Might there be a simpler way to get the shadow on the wall in order to trace it? Perhaps an enlarger projector? I really don't know about the tech methods you used-they are brilliant-I am not. Your room is amazing!

YES! You could certainly project the image on the wall, trace it, then mask it out...

BTW: My beautiful baby girl is now 7 years old, and LOVES her room still! Brags to all her classmates...I couldn't be happier... xo

Looks great! I even gasped when I saw that shadow

the shadow would freak me out if i was trying to sleep

You really have the luckiest kids in the world.

Very well done.

cool, I love the shadow. You should make a shadow of some monster holding a knife or something next to the closet so it looks like the monster is in the closet.