Introduction: A Phone Robot Who Always Clings to You

A common smartphone holder cannot satisfy human beings anymore. This clingy robot can not only support mobile phones, but also follow your face. Wherever you are, it will automatically come up to you. Would you like a smartphone holder like it?

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Step 1:

Step 2: Assemble the Inner Mechanism.

Actually, this is an intelligent smartphone holder, as well as a phone robot that can follow you. Just turn on the mainboard and connect it to your smartphone, then it will automatically move with you. Have a try!

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Next we will show you the whole making process and the open-source code. Let’s do it together! Firstly, let me disintegrate the robot into two parts: A phone robot = a smartphone + a mobile chassis.

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Step 3: Smartphone Holder

1)Prepare the materials according to the picture (upper left).

2)Fix servo and L-shaped bracket together (lower left).

3)Fix smartphone holder and the servo together (right).

Step 4: Mobile Chassis

1)Make two support structures (upper left).

2)Build the legs with servos (lower left).

3)Combine the support structures and legs (the first and the second from right).

Step 5: Combine

Step 6: Mainboard and Battery

Step 7: Phone Robot

Step 8: Connect All the Electronic Parts

Step 9: The Open-source Code Will Be Put on Attachment.


TheCowGuy (author)2016-11-15

Can you hook a camera up to it instead?

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