Introduction: A Pocket Scrapbook That's Way Better Than the Last One

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A handy little scrapbook to have in your pocket!

Step 1: Getting the Things You Need

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Step 2: Cutting

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Cut your scrapbook paper into large squares.

Step 3: Glueing

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Dilute your glue, saturate the scrapbooking paper in glue then glue the paper to the cardboard. Cut the corners from the excess and use them as tabs.

Step 4: Pages

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Fold some paper in half then on the fold cut out a square a little smaller then the cover. With a needle, poke holes down the spine and then sew it up.

Step 5: Making the Front Cover

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Cut out a white piece of paper and stick it on the front card that you choose. And write a title.

Step 6: Sticking the Pages

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Take your pages and glue the first page on the back of the front cover and then glue a bigger piece on top of that. Do the same for the back.

Step 7: Finished

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You can write a message on the side if it's for a friend or just leave it how it is.


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