Introduction: A Portable Power Bank

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Is your phone dying?? Do you need to charge it ?? But do you happen to be on the go?? well in that case this project shall come very handy to you!!!!!

Step 1: Things You Will Need!!!!!

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You will need the following:

A lithium li-ion battery

A A4 size cardboard [to make the cover you can make your own with other materials too]

A phone charger

A lithium li-ion charginng module

Step 2: Solder

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Solder the charger to the lithium li-ion charging module and solder the battery to the module.

Step 3: Making the Cover.

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You can make your cover with any material and any size but I chose this piece of cardboard

Step 4: Finished!!!! :D

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and here is your final product. Enjoy it and please do vote.


makeosaurus (author)2016-02-28

How do you charge the battery do that you can use it?

leon vinny (author)makeosaurus2016-03-01

You charge the battery with a lithium li-ion battery charger. Isn't that already there in the list of things you will need?

ThomasK19 (author)makeosaurus2016-02-28

As he listed: a phone charger. This is a complete module.

Whitefang20051 (author)2016-02-28


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