A Proper K'nex G3 (Instructions)





Introduction: A Proper K'nex G3 (Instructions)

Well, sorry for posting this late, but here are the instructions.  EDIT:  This gun is more of a wall-hanger than anything.  So please rate it on looks, not performance.  PM me if you want to know how to mod this to fire blue rods.

Step 1: The Barrel

01.  Make all this.  Note the blue rods.
02.  Add the 2nd and 3rd  layers.  Note the modded piece.
03.  Read the image note.
04.  Add the 4th layer.
05. Add final layer.
06.  Get these.
07.  Add 2nd layer.
08.  Add 3rd layer.
09.  Add what you made in 6-8 and take off the 3-slot connectors.
10. Get these.
11.  Get Part A.
12.  Read note.
13.  Add Part B.
14.  Add Part C.
15.  Add Part D.
16.  Add Part E.
17.  Read note.
18.  Add to the rest of the handguard.

Step 2: The Magazine

01.  Get all this.
02.  Add the side walls.
03.  Add the other side.

Step 3: Lower Receiver and Bolt

01.  Get all this.
02.  Add a white rod.
03.  Add the 2nd layer.
04.  Add the 3rd layer.
05.  Attach the other white rod.
06.  Snap in the Trigger Guard.
07.  Get these.
08.  Attach 2-slot connectors to white rod and slide green rod in where noted.
09.  Make.  Note blue rods.
10.  Mag release.  Read note in next pic.
11.  Trim down to the bump that the rod snaps into.
12.  Add blue rod and blue spacers.
13.  Add grip and 8-slot connector where noted.
14. Add mag release and spacers.
15.  Add 2nd 8-slot connector and trigger.
16.  Make other side of lower receiver.
17.  Add what you made in pic 16.
18.  Make this.

Step 4: Upper Receiver

01.  Get this.
02.  Make these.
03.  Get these.
04.  Add these.
05.  Snap the wheel on.
06.  Add this stuff.

Step 5: Stock

01.  Make 1st layer.
02.  Add 2nd, 3rd, and 4th layers.  They're all the same, but note the green rods in the 3rd layer.
03.  Make this.
04.  Add what you made in previous pic and the 5th layer.  it's the same as the 1st.
05.  Make this.
06.  Make this.
07.  Add like so.

Step 6: Ammunition

Simple.  Make as much as you want.

Step 7: Assembly

01.  It's mating season for the receivers.
02.  Both together.
03.  The barrel wants to join the party too.
04.  All 3 together.
05.  The bolt is making a run for it.
06.  He made it.
07.  Add the piece noted.
08.  Stock's coming in hot.
09.  Stock attached.
10.  Add cheek rest and secure it with rubber bands.
11.  Attach cheek rest to the back of the upper receiver.

Step 8: You're Done!

Congratulations on finishing your new G3.  Comment, rate, and subscribe.



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its look i kind a on a berrata ar 70

what??? i think you mean: it looks kinda like a berreta AR 70

nice gun i rated 5 stars but it could be accurate

brill gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. The cut-off white rod from pic 3.
2. Same as first.

at the top of the mag are they green rods of sawn-off wite rods???

Sawn-off white rods. But you can get about 5 or 6 from a red rod.

awesome, 5* mainly because its my fave weapon on CoD 4

looks good can anyone give me approximate ranges before i build?